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We encourage collaboration between all caring for the members of our community downloadaffected by trauma, from the pre-injury to rehabilitation phase.  While prevention is best, we recognize that morbidity and mortality are both decreased when trauma programs are implemented efficiently and executed well. This regional trauma advisory committee includes members responsible for pre-hospital to critical access care and finally definitive care.  Since the Minnesota Commissioner of Health approval in 2009, we have grown and developed several practice management guidelines, educational opportunities, and initiated the first “train the trainers” for the Stop the Bleed program in Minnesota.  Until we truly reach “Toward Zero Deaths” in Minnesota, we will continue to advocate for excellent care of the trauma patient.  Please join us at our next meeting or contact us for more information!


Minnesota Preliminary Fatality Totals 2020

According to the latest preliminary numbers from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety, 364 people lost their lives in 2019 crashes.

2020 Goal is to reduce traffic-related deaths to 300 or fewer…


2020 compared to 2019

297  vs  269


34   vs  27


54  vs  39


8   vs   8

Next Scheduled SMRTAC Meeting
Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Virtual Meeting Only
1-3 pm

On-line TOPIC Course – partial Scholarship opportunity
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E-mail SMRTAC if interested: admin@smrtac.org 

Upcoming Meetings:
2020 SMRTAC Dates:

    • 2/11/2020
    • 5/19/2020 canceled due to COVID-19
    • 8/4/2020
    • 11/10/2020

2020 STAC Dates:

    • 3/3/2020
    • 4/22/2020 Emergency Meeting
    • 6/2/2020
    • 9/15/2020
    • 12/8/2020

Host or Sign-up for a Stop The Bleed Course

Stop-the-BleedThis class is for anyone to learn wound compression and tourniquet application.

For information on how to sponsor or attend a free Stop the Bleed course contact us at stopthebleed@smrtac.org.

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