Mission: The Trauma Program Managers subcommittee is a collection of trauma program managers from hospitals in the Southern Minnesota Regional Trauma Advisory Committee geographic area to provide a forum for shared experience and to standardize the care of trauma patients.


Gail Norris, RN

Cover TPM Manual

Downloadable: SMRTAC Trauma Program Manager Manual

*Last updated 2/17/2021 with the updated SMRTAC TTA Criteria 11-10-20

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Disclaimer:  This manual is not intended to replace the individual trauma center’s orientation process.  This manual is intended to provide the Trauma Coordinator/Trauma Program Manager who is new to the role some helpful tools in understanding and building your individual trauma center.  The contributing authors share their experience and knowledge to facilitate the transitional role of the new Trauma Program Manager/Trauma Coordinator. 

The Trauma Program Manager/Trauma Coordinator will be referred to in this manual as the Trauma Coordinator (TC). 

 Information contained in this manual is current as of the date of publication.  Please continue to update information as it becomes available.

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